Transforming men’s shirts
into… pillows.

The Greek origin entrepreneur, Mrs. Sophia Vaharis Tsouvelekakis, is the creative mind behind the idea. She was arranging old clothes of her family that she did not want to get rid of , while she was wondering how to keep them. 

The trial of altering old and used garments (shirts, skirts, scarves, and dresses) by turning them into pillows or table napkins was so successful, that it grew up to a business activity focusing in unique, hand-crafted, and customized elegant accessories for home and yachts.

Home Deco & Accessories

Designed in Monaco. Made in Greece!

All products are hand made using sustainable cotton and/or linen fabrics, with a vintage touch!

The flagship products (pillows and placemats) are all ornamented with an “evil eye” and with a “good luck” charm for protection against the negative energy such as jealousy, anger or hostility.

Recently the collection expanded by additional product lines (towels, bedsheets, bathrobes, candles, etc.)

The MyCrown collection products are distributed through a selective network of boutiques in Monaco, Cannes, Athens, Hydra island, Thassos island and Kastellorizo.